Convert Video and Audio Files

Convert your audio files between formats such as mp3 to mp4, wav to mp3

Switch between multiple file formats for all your video files.

Rip your DVDs and save the video as an avi or mpg on your desktop.

Rip your DVD videos and burn them onto your portable video player (zune, ipod, iphone, psp).

Helpful when you need to use a video in another program but it does not accept your current file format, or if you want to upload your video file to an online video site but your video does not meet the requirments of the site.

Also very useful for putting your DVD videos or parts of your DVDs online.

Every video format from avi to mpg has a different compression ratio which results in increased or decreased size and quality - converting between formats allows you to optimize your video quality and file size to suit your needs.

Extract Audio From Video

Load a video file or DVD and turn the audio into a stand alone mp3 file. A great utility for creating audio files or snippets of audio from your existing video files. Works with flv video files downloaded from youtube. If you found a live version of your favorite song but it is only available as a video file, you can now rip only the audio portion of the video to an mp3 file and then burn it to a CD or put it on your ipod or other mp3 player to listen to the audio portion without the video.